Gotta love a letter from a student

Dear Phil Kettle,

Hi, my name is Georgia, thanks so much for visiting. It was a great experience and it encouraged me greatly. I also feel very grateful that I made it into the extra writing session. I wrote about a girl who was a weirdo. Do you remember ?

I really enjoyed writing my own story and drawing my characters. I am not sure that I want to be an author but I will definitely write some of my own stories.

I just thought I might say that you write very entertaining books and have a great imagination, plus you tell really catchy jokes. I have got some questions to ask you……
• Do you have a talent for drawing?
• Would you ever become an illustrator rather than an author?
• What is you favourite thing about ‘Too Cool’ that makes up ‘Too Cool’?

Once again, I thank you so much for your visit to our school. The best thing I liked about your talk is that you really captured our attention and encouraged us greatly.

From Georgia

Ps. I would love you to come back to our school soon.
Do you know of any good illustrators or authors that you would recommend to come to our school?