Our Australia

This fiction series written by renowned kid’s author Phil Kettle is a celebration of the nation: My Australia, Your Australia, Our Australia.

Jump aboard the campervan with Taha, an Australian boy of Greek heritage, and his mum. They’re off on a journey of discovery that’s going to lead them to some of our country’s most fascinating places and meet interesting locals.

Taha’s adventures make compelling reading for all young explorers and, while they are engrossed in the tales of Taha and his mischievous ways, they’ll also learn about the geography, history and culture of each region – a new location in every book.

Features of the series:

Geography curriculum – matching people with places, by seeing how an area affects how people live and work.
Literacy curriculum – using different forms of language including narrative, factual reporting (using the Oracle Pod device), interviewing, email and letter writing.
Full colour with fun animations and photographs of each region and its wildlife from the extensive AUSTRALIAN GEOGRAPHIC library.
Fun fiction based on fact.
History, geography, industry, wildlife of each region are featured.
Jokes, Australian slang, a glossary and fast facts are included in the format to enhance the fun and boost the book’s educational value.
Written from a kid’s point of view. Each book features an interview with a real youngster living in that location, so readers learn about how they live and why they love where they live. Kids like to hear about how other kids live.
Author Phil Kettle writes in an engaging way that’s crafted to win over even the most reluctant of readers.
These books are a celebration of Australia and the people who live here. The message is that wherever you or your family are from, we all share one thing – we’re all Australian.