“Welcome to the last frontier!” That's what Mum said when we arrived in Kununurra in the heart of the Kimberley in Western Australia. The Kimberley is the home of outback adventure. It's full of rugged, natural beauty. I couldn't wait to meet the locals, but there was one local I was really hoping not to meet – a crocodile!

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Taha and his mum, a new Australian citizen, are travelling around Australia. After their stay in Alice Springs, they turn their campervan, the Southern Cross, towards the ‘last frontier’ in the west – Kununurra. When they reach their destination, they meet the local ranger, ‘Crocodile Cate’. They explore the Kimberley on horseback and from a helicopter, taking in the scenic wonders of the area.

Taha records his travels with photographs and notes in the journal that he was given by his teacher, Mrs Zimmerman.

He also writes letters to his neighbour back home, Mr Wilson, and emails his best friend, Joel.
Teachers Note:

The Our Australia series provides valuable education outcomes.

Teachers please download and use the complimentary lesson plans and activities

Kununurra Lesson Plan and Resources

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