Reading Really Rockz
May 6, 2014

Children’s author Phil Kettle, talks to us about his work.

On Monday we went to the library to see , Phil Kettle the children’s author.
Phil Kettle has written 160 books in full total. He is the author of the Too Cool, Boyz Rule and Girls Rock series of books. He has also written the Our Australia series which is part fiction and part non fiction information about Australia. Phil Kettle not only writes children’s books but he has also written for the Australian geographic and newspapers as well.
Phil Kettle gets his ideas from three main sources, from the things he SEES, the things he HEARS and the things that he DOES. He then mixes these ideas up with a good dose of imagination to create a GOOD STORY. It was great to hear Phil Kettle talking about how good stories need to have a complication (that’s the problem) and a resolution as that is what we have been learning about while writing narratives! (okay so this bit was written by Mrs Warner!)
Phil told us that reading is very important because it is good for your brain. You should read more often than watching t.v. When you read it turns on your own private television in your head. He told the boys that every night you should take a book home and ask your brother or Dad to read it with you. He also said to tell your Mum and or Dad about the book that you have been reading.
Phil Kettle has his own website and you can read more about him and his books at
Written by Alexander and Maya
So what did the children think? Here are some of their thoughts;
Alexander:- ” It was very funny because he told us that he wiped his boots on the curtains when he was a kid!”
Maya:- “Phil was awesome because he wrote 160 books!”
Esther:- “He was really interesting because he talked about what his life was like way back after school – that was interesting.”
Lucius:- “He was funny ‘cos he made his own imagination in his backyard.”
Tihana:- ” He’s really good ‘cos he wrote 160 books!”
Jay:- “I liked when he talked about the making of your imagination go wild, like when he used his to make his backyard into a football field or swimming pool. I liked it because sometimes that’s exactly what I do when I get home. My sisters just watch T.V.”
Selena:- “It was okay but it (he) could be better at concentrating on his work because he only does 4 copies or edits and I think he should have to do more than that!”
Lachy:- ” I thought he was good and I liked how he explained things slowly so I could understand more.”